Describe a movie you would like to watch again:

You should say:

What it was about

When and where you watched it

Who you watched it with

and explain why you would like to watch it again


如果要小编来回答,的确会选择这部14年上映的大片:星际穿越 Interstellar,因为实在太有的说了!

引人的剧情(plot),酷炫的特效(special effect),强大的演员阵容(cast),贯彻全宇宙的经典主题:爱。当然还有最重要的一点,就是十分符合题目,确实要watch again。因为一遍是真看不懂啊!






2.时态变化:观影经历:一般过去时;剧情: 一般现在时



1. 电影词汇

类型:comedy, tragedy, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, suspension, animation

演职人员阵容: cast (leading/supporting/voice, character, director)

其他: visual & sound effect, plot, background, finale

2. 感受词

shocked, amazed, touched, moved, amused, entertained, impressed


As my favorite epic science fiction film, Interstellar is definitely the one that I would like to watch again.

And it was last year, like in October, everybody around me was talking about Interstellar which was no doubt the box-office smash and the hottest topic at the moment. After hearing so much about it, I decided to go to the cinema to appreciate it with the company of my boyfriend who happened to be a major scientific enthusiast, and to my knowledge he had looked forward to it for a long time.

The film is truly amazing both on plot and special effect. The whole story features a crew of astronauts and scientists who travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for humanity. During this risky trip, we witness both the beauty and cruelty of the universe, the bright & dark side of human beings. But it’s actually love that really touches every audience.

I have to confess that I am really not a fan of science fictions, but Interstellar definitely changes my mind. It takes use of a artistic and accessible way to help audience like me to get beneath the skin of certain scientific concept, but at the same time, we could still get its overriding message about the powerful forces of the one thing we all know but can’t measure in scientific terms. LOVE. For a masterpiece like that, who do not wanna watch & get amazed again.

And I’d like to appreciate this scientific saga again also because, in the film, there are still certain cliffhangers and plots that really confused me, especially the finale. Now I’m still not sure whether those scientists and astronauts find the livable planet for human-beings or they just re-built a home for humans on a space station, and why Cooper is still alive after getting absorbed by the black whole? With all my questions and uncertainness, I do would to find out the answer by watching it again.