大家周二好呀!大家有没有想过,托福写作常见题目有哪些? 那么今天课代表就来给大家总结一下,托福写作有什么常见考题呢?大家可以领取之后自己回去开始构思练笔哦!

TOEFL写作  常见考题汇总

1. 全球化影响

There is a disagreement on the impact of increased business and culture contact between countries on a country’s identity. What is your opinion?

2. 政府投资

People should keep all the money they earn and should not pay taxes to the state. Do you agree or disagree?

3. 科技影响

Many employees may work at home with modern technology. Some people claim that it benefits only workers, but not employers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

4. 文化类

i. It is more important for a building to serve its purposes than to look beautiful. Architects do not need to worry about whether it is a real work of art. Do you agree or disagree?

ii. The international tourism is the biggest industry in the world. To what extent do you think its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages?

5. 生活工作

Some people think that changing jobs periodically is good. What is your opinion?

6. 传媒类

Some people suggest that there should be restrictions on a detailed description of crimes in the newspapers and on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

7. 广告类

There are many advertisements directed at children. Parents argue that children are misled, while advertisers consider advertising a source of useful information. What is your opinion?

8. 环境类

It is said that the best way to solve the world’s environmental problems is to increase the price of fuel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

9. 动物类

Far too little has been done to prevent animals and plants from dying out, although people have noticed this problem for a long time. Why have people failed to improve this situation? What are your suggestions?

10. 教育类

i. Some people believe that educating children altogether will benefit them. Others think intelligent children should be taught separately and given special courses. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

ii. Today, more school leavers are unable to find jobs. Discuss the causes of rising unemployment among young adults and suggest any solutions.


1. anything but


Librarian:Oh, well I guess you might think that. But when I saw it back then it was anything but boring.


注:近似词组 nothing but 意为“只不过是”

例如:It’s nothing but a joke.

2. in such short notice


Student:Hi, thanks for seeing me in such short notice.


3. in person


Manager:Right, the choir. It’s nice to finally meet you in person. So, you are having problems with…


4. high-end


Pro: Ok, basically they have to offer things that most people can find anywhere else, you know quality, that means better exercise equipment,high-end stuff, and classes-exercise classes may be aerobics.


5. drive…home


Therefore, it’s best to be a non-conformist – to do your own thing, not worrying about what other people think. That’s an important point. He really drives this argument home throughout the essay.


6. goof off


Student: I went off to the stack and found some really good material for my part, but when I got back to our table, they were just goofing off and talking. So I went and got materials for their sections as well.


7. go down the drain


Student: I know, but I didn’t want to risk the project going down the drain.


8. start from scratch


Student: But we’ve got all the sources and it’s due next week. We don’t have time to start from scratch.


9. come down to


It’s been shaped by constraints over vast stretches of time, all of which comes down to the fact that the best foraging strategy for beavers isn’t the one that yields the most food or wood.


10. open spot


I am afraid we don’t have any openings at lunch time. A lot of students want to work then, so it is really rare for us to have an open spot at that time of day.


11. not necessarily


Well, design doesn’t necessarily include things like sculptures or decorative walkways or… or even eye catching window displays, you know art.


Professor:That’s another possible reason although it doesn’t necessarily explain other behaviors such as eating, drinking or sleeping.”


12. be at odds with


They try to fit in with the rest of the world even though it’s at odds with their beliefs and their identities.



13. lesser-known


Employee:You are lucky to have professor who includes the lesser-known writer like her on the syllabus, you know, not the usual authors we’ve all read.


14. pros and cons


I mean no one really thinks that, say a bee goes through weighing the pros and cons of pollinating this flower or that flower.


15. in a different light


Student: I mean… Being a waiter, I get to see a lot of the professors, like in a different light, we joke around a little you know. In the classroom, they always have to be pretty formal, but …


16. low key


Pro: Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you, Eric, but it will be low key, nothing flashy. That’s not her style.


17. common denominator


There are variations on this model of course, but the common denominators are always an idea of creating a shopping space that will get people to shop in the city without needing their cars.



18. tongue in cheek


But if you took away all the DNA that codes for genes, you still have maybe 70% of the DNA left over. That’s the so-called JUNK DNA. Though the word junk is used sort of tongue in cheek.


19. pull them from thin air


To begin, how do we create fictional characters? We don’t just pull them from thin air, do we? I mean we don’t create them out of nothing.


20. touch base


Advisor: Hi, Steven I schedule this appointment, cause it has been a while since we touched base.