IELTS写作: 精彩作文


(opinion) The discussion about _____ is a very controversial one. Those who criticize (/oppose/object to/are against) _____ contend (/argue/hold) that _____, but people who advocate (/favor/are for) _____, on the other hand, maintain (/assert/ claim) that _____. From the personal perspective, I maintain (/hold/believe) that _____.

(agree/disagree) When it refers to _____, the discussion of this issue among individuals and in society as a whole has come into vogue during the last decade. It is commonly accepted that _____; however, I disagree with the statement. I maintain (/hold/believe) that _____. (I partly approve this claim and there are several reasons and instance as follows supporting my view.) (advantages/disadvantages) Just a few years ago, the idea of _____

seemed far-reaching for most Chinese. Now, however, we are all aware that everything has two sides. _____ is no exception in its development. With the advert and popularity of _____, its advantages and disadvantages have been a subject of discussion.

(discuss both views) _____ now plays such an important role in so many people’s lives that it is essential for us to try to decide whether it is a blessing or a curse. People’s opinions are divergent on such a complex and

controversial topic. Advocates maintain that _____. Opponents, on the other hand, contend (argue/insist) that _____. Obviously, both sides have

over-simplified this issue. Actually, its value to people and society depends on how it is used.

(problems&solutions) According to a(n) survey

(/investigation/analysis/statistics/report) released (/conducted/made) by _____, there is a growing (/increasing/declining) number of _____ who (/which) _____.

To be specific, ______. (What amazes us most is that _____.) Among countless factors which directly and indirectly influence _____, there are several conspicuous aspects as follows.


(opinion) (agree/disagree) The main reason for my propensity to _____ is that _____. What is more, _____. Moving on to wider themes, I agree with the statement that _____ without reservations for the reason that _____. Naturally, _____. It can be given a concrete example that _____.

Another equally essential factor why I advocate _____ involves the realm of _____. No one can deny that _____. Obviously, it is imperative that _____. Meanwhile, a recent survey (/a typical example) will make this point clear and acceptable; _____. However, we should concede that dispite the merits of _____ mentioned above, overextented _____ will be indeed counterproductive, even harmful. The harm it produces is, in my opinion, both palpable and profound. For individuals, it has a debasing impact on _____; for society, it may promote a negative tendency toward _____. (advantages/disadvantages) (discuss both views) On one hand, 1. _____ has brought a number of (/ a lot of) benefits to us (/people). 2. _____ benefits us in many respects. 3. The benefits of _____ can be perceived in many aspects. 4. We get a lot of benefits from _____. 5. _____ has brought about many changes in people’s life. 6. _____ is a beneficial activity, in which we can obtain many advantages. First and foremost, _____. What is more, _____. In the end, _____. On the other hand, 1. Just as a coin has tow sides, _____ also has some bad effects (/ill effects/side effects). 2. _____, on the other hand, have its disadvantages (/negative points/problems). 3. However, _____ has also brought about (/given rise to/led to/resulted in/caused/created) a lot of problems. 4. Good (/Superior/Wonderful) as A is, _____, it has its own disadvantages (/brings its own problems), too. For one thing, _____. For another, _____, Finally, _____. (problems&solutions) The reasons (/causes/factors) for _____ are complex (/varied/profound). Some attribute it to _____. Others put it down to _____. Still others owe it to _____. In my opinion, however, three (/some) factors shout louder than others (/weigh heavier than others/stand out from others). The most critical reason lies in _____. Moreover, _____. Another important factor should not be ignored. _____. Among a myriad of suggested solutions to _____ (/measures against _____ /plans for _____ /moves toward _____ /ideas on _____), three have begun to stand (/stick) out. First of all, _____. An equally effective measure (/solution/recipe) is _____. Last but not least, _____.


(opinion) (agree/disagree) Weighing the pros and cons of _____, I strongly commit to the notion that _____, not only because _____, but also because _____. (advantages/disadvantages) To sum up, the key point is how to make good use of its positive aspects and avoid its negative points. While taking advantage of _____, we must try to find ways to reduce its disadvantages, namely, _____, to a minimum. (discuss both views) In any case, whether the ultimate effect of _____ is beneficial or detrimental, one thing is certain that _____ in itself is neither good nor bad. It is the uses to which it is put that determine its value to society. (Weighing the two sides, both arguments seem to be reasonable, after all.) (problems&solutions) To promote (/suppress/cultivate/popularize/curb/enhance/root up) the issue in question, the public attention (/more stress/more emphasis) should be placed (/put/focused) upon two proposals (/moves/measures/solutions): _____.