1. 增加并列成分;

2. 增加修饰成分;

3. 增加从句;

4. 增加连词;


They grow long hair.


They grow long hair, regardless of the gender, usually part of which is dyed in gold.



1. They wear jeans.

They wear jeans in each and every season, commonly knees of which are deliberate torn.

2. Boys wear earrings.

Boys are keen on earrings and other weird ornaments.

3. Girls smoke.

Girls are fond of Marlboros or some odd bad words.


Energy is much needed now. And nuclear plants are clean and economical. They can produce vast amounts of energy. But people, especially local residents are very concerned about safety. They hold a strong negative attitude toward them.


Nuclear plants are a clean and economical way of producing vast amounts of much-needed energy; however people, especially local residents, who are very concerned about safety, hold a strong negative attitude toward them.


修改前:Some people succeed. Other people fail. The difference is not the number of opportunities. It is whether they can take advantage of opportunities. Opportunities will arise in the course of one’s life, though they are rare.

修改后:One essential difference between those who succeed and those who fail is the extent to which they take advantage of opportunities rather than the number of opportunities, which will inevitably arise, if rarely, in the course of one’s life.

修改前:College students now are primarily interested in grades and economic success. They are expected to cheat more frequently. They are unlike those graduated ten years ago. They are only interested in their own personal future and consider little the problem of society.

修改后:College students, primarily interested in grades and economic success, are expected to cheat more frequently than those who graduated ten years ago and are far less concerned with the problem of society than with their own personal future.