IELTS口语: 高频话题


Q: What is patience?

A: Patience is studied as a decision-making problem,involving the choice of either a small reward in the short term, or a morevaluable reward in the long term.

Q:Talking about the importance of patience?


Patience isvery important in life because there are so many things that take time todevelop for us to experience in a positive way.

A building, for example, cannotbe sustainable and inha bitable without a lot of hard work

2. Patience is important in life because if we tryto make so mething happen, we put a lot of stress on ourselves.

It is an indispensablequality for a person who wants to be success.

3. Almost anything really good in life takes timeand dedic ation奉献, and if you’reimpatient, you’re more likely to give up on relationships, goals, andother things that ar e important to you.

Q:Talking about “howto be patient”


Pinpoint查明 the triggers that ofteninfluence you to lose your patience. And then, try to prevent it.

Remind yourself that things take time.

People who are impatientare people who insist on getting thi ngs done now and don’tlike to waste time. However , some things just can’t be rushed.

3. Have a short break if it possible( takea few minutes to do absolutely nothing), take deepbreathe, or listening t o some soothing music.

4. Think about your happiest memories. Alwaysremember that you will eventually get what you want.