As one of the most successful TV series, Friends has produced a phenomenal impact on culture and entertainment. Even the producers of this sitcom did not expect that it would become a symbol of American pop culture when they were originally just trying to tell a simple story of six young people living in a loft in New York. The ten seasons of Friends depict the most important ten years in the lives of these main characters. They went through ups and downs in their careers and lives while the unchanged theme during the ten years was the friendship they had for one another. In addition to their precious relationships, this TV show also illustrates the living status of young people, which has significantly influenced the way people talk and communicate all around the world.


phenomenal 巨大的、杰出的

=remarkable, exceptional

phenomenal development

ups and downs 起伏

=successes and failures

Ups and downs are to be expected in life, but that does not make the down parts any easier.


观众 audience

大众文化交流 exchange of popular culture

引起大众的关注 catch the public attention

媒体报道 media coverage

肥皂剧 soap opera

喜剧 comedy

悲剧 tragedy

情景喜剧 sitcom

谈话类节目 talk show