11月8日 TOEFL口语:task6时间

托福口语第六题模板Task6介绍的出题模式是listening + speaking,即大概1~2分钟的听力材料,加上自己说的部分。而第六题不同于前面的综合口语题目,这部分的听力内容是比较偏向于学术方面的,涉及领域广泛,有政治类、教育类、人文类,甚至一些专业领域如物理等等。所以成为许多考生的难点和失分点。



一般情况下,lecturer都会告诉听的人这段话主要讲什么,他们会从一个现象、一个概念或者一个问题出发,提出自己的观点和看法,或者就之前提出的现象开展论述。典型的提示句就是“Today I’d like to talk about ……”之类的句子。





What is you favorite place for reading?

Answer 1:

I think my favorite place for reading is the library. First because in the library, many students are reading and you will read with them. Second because in the library, you can get many books easily, so you can get to the information quickly. En …so I like to read in the library.

Answer 2:

Unlike many people, my favorite place for reading is the park. I just like the atmosphere. Reading is tiring, and when I feel tired, I can look up from the book and see people jogging on the path and boating on the lake. Then I feel relaxed. Still, when your eyes feel tired, there are many green trees and lawns to give them a good rest. In the park, you can see many old people taking their beloved birds and dogs for a walk. This gives me inspirations. Indeed, I like to read in parks rather than in libraries or classrooms.