_________________________________ (所给格言或谚语). This is a proverb full of

logic. By this proverb, it is meant that ____________________________ (解释该格言或谚语

的内涵). In other words, ______________________________ (换言之的解释). Indeed, we

can learn many things from it.

Examples can easily be found to make this point clearer. ____________ (例子1) is a case

in point. Another case is that ______________ (例子2).

Whatever you do, please remember the saying “________________________ (该格言或

谚语)”. If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you’ll necessarily benefit a lot

from it.


The good old proverb, __________________________ (所给格言或谚语), reminds us

that ___________________ ( 诠释该格言或谚语). On the one hand,

________________________ (详述1). On the other hand, ______________________ (详述


Take _____________ (某相关事例) for example. _____________________ (展开论述).

However, it is easier said than done. Practice is the most important factor. Only when you

pay attention to it can you hold it sooner or later.

2.Exposition 型

1)Hot Issue 型


With the development of modern industry, more and more people are concerned about the

problem that ______________ ( 主题问题). Accordingly,

_______________________________ (伴随主题问题出现的新问题) is becoming more and

more serious.

Confronted with ___________________________ (主题问题), we should take a series


of effective measures to cope with the situation. For one thing,

_____________________________ ( 解决方法1). For another,

_________________________________ ( 解决方法2). Finally,

_________________________________ (解决方法3).

As far as I am concerned, the best way out is ________________________ (解决方法4).

Consequently, I’m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because

____________________ (解决方法4 的优点和好处).


With the development of the society, with the advent of _____________ (相关事物或现

象), we have to face a problem that ______________________ (主题问题).

What are the reasons for it? In the following paragraphs, I’ll venture to explore the

reasons. To start with, _____________________ ( 阐述原因1). Moreover,

________________________ ( 阐述原因2). In addition,

____________________________________ (阐述原因3).

In view of the seriousness of the problem, effective measures should be taken. For one

thing, it is high time that people all over China realized the importance of

__________________ (解决主题问题). For another, the government should issue strict laws

and regulations in order to put the situation under control.



As is seen from the table / graph / chart, _____________ (图表所描述的事物A) ascent

significantly from __________ (数字1) in __________ (年份1) to ____________ (数字2) in

__________ (年份2) while over the same period, _______________ (图表所描述的事物B)

shrank slightly from _________ (数字3) to ___________ (数字4). It can be observed easily

that _____________________________________ (分析图表所反映的问题).

There are many reasons responsible for this. In the following paragraphs, I’ll venture to

explore the reasons.

For one thing, _________________ (原因1). For another, ________________ (原因2).

In addition, _________________________ (原因3).

However, this table / graph / chart may not predict the entire situation in the future, I

believe ____________________________________ (前瞻性预测和展望).


The figure of the first graph shows that ________________________ (简述图表1 概况)

while the figure of the second graph shows that _____________________ (简述图表2 概况).

The relationship between these two figures warns us that

________________________________ (指出两表所反映的问题).

However, there are many effective methods to _____________ (解决这一问题). For

instance, ___________________ ( 解决方法1). At the same time,

________________________ (解决方法2).


In a word, ________________________________ (总结). As far as I am concerned, the

more we understand the situation, the better we can do to improve it in the future. Given all

these points above, I hold the opinion that __________________ (重申自己的观点).