大家周四好呀~ 不管是SAT1部分还是SAT2部分,都是有关于数学部分的考试,关于数学的难度对于中国考生来说不算太难,考的都是考生学习过的知识,但是也是需要教材的辅助的,今天课代表带来的是SAT数学用什么教材好。


《BARRON’S SAT2数学》内容简介

A Diagnostic Test in Part I follows this introduction. This test will help you quickly identify your weaknesses and gaps in your knowledge of the topics. You should take it under test conditions (in one quiet hour). Use the Answer Key immediately following the test to check your answers, read the explanations for the problems you did not get right, and complete the self-evaluation chart that follows the explanations. These explanations include a code for calculator use, the correct answer choice, and the location of the relevant topic in the Part 2 “Review of Major Topics.” For your convenience, a self-evaluation chart is also keyed to these locations.

The majority of those taking the Level 2 Mathematics Subject Test are accustomed to using graphing calculators. Where appropriate, explanations of problem solutions are based on their use. Secondary explanations that rely on algebraic techniques may also be given.

Part 3 contains six model tests. The breakdown of test items by topic approximately reflects the nominal distribution established by the College Board. The percentage of questions for which calculators are required or useful on the model tests is also approximately the same as that specified by the College Board. The model tests are self-contained. Each has an answer sheet and a complete set of directions. Each test is followed by an answer key, explanations such as those found in the Diagnostic Test, and a self-evaluation chart.

SAT II数学:大陆很多同学都是选的SAT II数学的2,就难度来说,SAT II的数学的绝对难度要远远小于国内高中课程。以下知识点是高中数学课程没有涉及的,需要考生仔细备考:求分数函数的渐近线,概率论部分圆桌型概率模型,线性代数中的简易矩阵,多项式函数的零点。其余知识点国内高中课程都有涉及,况且只要在参加过SAT I的数学考试基础上再背大约二十多个数学专业术语(渐近线,抛物线,焦点等)即可。至于要不要带功能强大的TI计算器问题,个人认为如果有条件可以带一个,如果没有条件的话也不必着急,因为求渐近线的题目只要掌握上课时老师所讲的基本求解方法可以不必用计算器来作图的。数学比较容易,建议以Barron 出版的备考资料足以,然后再做一套OG的题目,熟悉题型即可。在考场上不会做的题目可尽管放弃,因为错几道题以内还是有很大可能性得满分的。注意考场时间,做题时,尽量以简单方法来做,如果一道题用了一种很复杂的方法来做,或者没有头绪,那么赶紧放弃掉这道题。对于SAT I或者II的数学,都是那个做题的原则:你用的方法越简单,你所做对的题目的概率越大。



The 2013-2014 edition of Cracking the SAT Math 1 & 2 Subject Tests includes:

· 4 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations (2 each for Levels 1 and 2)

· Comprehensive review of all topics on each SAT Math Subject Test

· Practice problems for every subject type covered on the tests: Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability, Matrices, and Pre-Calculus

· Step-by-step strategies and tips for solving even the toughest problems

· Thorough integration of TI-80 graphing calculator techniques