1. Should government give financial support to build museums and theaters? State your opinion and explain why. (05. 12.17; 07. 9.29; 08.2.16考题)

Sample answer:

In my point of view, government should provide fund to build museums and theaters because they serve as exhibition centers for people to know about the history and culture of the country.

The range of museums is fantastic—there are museums of ancient history and archaeology(考古学), of natural history and even museums for such things as transport and crime! And because the museums are constantly holding new exhibitions, there is always something different to see.

Theaters offer people a big place to enjoy a variety of operas and plays of different regions. Even the world’s best group come occasionally. Meanwhile, the building of the museums and theaters will enhance the cultural exchange between countries.

They are also one of the contributing factors that promote the national economy.

That’s why I think it’s a good idea for government to help with the building of museums and theaters.

2. Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings? (07. 1.14考题)

Sample answer:

I think old buildings should be protected and maintained for the following reasons. First, old buildings carry a place’s history, tradition, local custom and even some unique character. They were designed to be preserved as they were in early times. They serve as a mirror to remind modern people of their past that they should be proud of. Second, most old buildings are tourist attractions which interest visitors from all over the world. If they are damaged, they might go back with regret. In addition, tourism is always a big support to economy. Therefore, we should try to bring the funding into the budget to do whatever is necessary.

3. Some people prefer to get information through printed materials like books. Other people like to do that via the Internet. which way do you prefer and why? (Which do you prefer, e-reading or traditional reading? )(06. 11.10, 07. 6.30, 07.10. 27考题)

Sample answer:

Some people prefer e-reading because it’s fast and convenient. But in my opinion traditional reading is better for three reasons.

First, paper reading doesn’t have as much bad effect on our eyes as computer reading. Second, the printed word gives more comfort, enjoyment or personal touch than electronic text. I like the feeling of turning the page and taking notes on the book. Though computers are changing the reading habits, the long tradition of printed word may yet not be. Most people still read printed books, magazines and newspapers to get their information.

Therefore, I prefer traditional reading to e-reading.