大家周四好!省钱是个好习惯,是个比打肿脸冲胖子时尚不知多少倍的好习惯,既然大家都准备考雅思出国了,那么首先学会英语国家普遍的生活和思维习惯:浪漫和现实,一样不少。接下来请看智课雅思内容:雅思口语话题范文-省钱(saved money for something)

TOEFL口语:话题范文-省钱(saved money for something)


Describe a time that you saved money for something

You should say:

When it was

Why you saved money

How much you saved

How you felt about it

1-4月雅思口语话题范文: 省钱(saved money for something)

Well, I once saved money in order to buy a VIP ticket of the Jay Chou’s live concert. When I was a freshman student, Jay Chou held a live concert in my city. As a crazy fan of Jay Chou, I was eager to buy a VIP ticket in order to have a close contact with my idol. However, as a poor student, it was impossible for me limited living expense. In this case, I decided save money in order to make my dream come true. Firstly, I controlled my daily expense and forced myself to save 10 RMB per day. Secondly, I did some part-time jobs, including giving out the leaflets, tutoring the elementary school students, and so on during the weekends. After one and a half month, I finally saved 1300 RMB in total and bought the VIP ticket I wanted.

To be honest, I was very proud of this experience. I felt that I could earn the money by myself. I felt that I could earn the money by myself. While I was doing those part-time jobs, I realized that it was not an easy task for my parents to earn more money and I would try my best to earn more money in the near future in order to relieve the financial pressure of my parents. Moreover, I also felt very satisfied since I finally saw my idol with my own eyes.