1.Do you often use maps?

Yeah! Of course. I’m always using a map while traveling in Shanghai basically because Shanghai is too big and complicate for me to find the right place. Usually, I would install a map app in my mobile phone previously.

2. When do you use a map?

When I was traveling outside my hometown, I used the map frequently. Not only from the map can I know the destination but also I can have a rough picture of the city.

3.Who taught you how to use a map?

Well, my friend Tommy taught me how to use the map. Before that, I could be totally lost when I am traveling by myself. I learnt how to read map fast because he was a good teacher and was really master of using maps.

4.Do you prefer to use electronic maps or those made of paper?

I prefer to use electronic maps to those made of paper not only because the former is more convenient and easier to carry than the latter, but also because electronic ones can position the location.



On the east东 /south南 /west西 /north北 / northeast 东北/southwest西南 /eastern东南 /southern南(adj. 注意发音) /western 西/northern北 /In the center of中间


On the top上面/peak顶点/summit顶点 /climax顶点/crest 顶点/bottom底部/base底部/foot底部/lowest point最低点 /left左 /right右 /right-hand corner 右手角/left bottom左下角 / front前 /behind 后


Near 附近/next to附近 /close to /by附近 /nearby 附近/ be adjacent to在..附近 / in the vicinity of 附近/not far away附近 /a short distance away 附近

Be far from离…很远 ,On the /far side of在..一面 , on the other side of在…另一面 ,on the other end of 在…头上 ,on the opposite对面, across 对面, facing to 对面 ,be parallel to 平行


In the clockwise direction,顺时针方向 in the anti-clockwise direction逆时针方向, in the counter clockwise 逆时针


On the corner of A and B 在A和B的交角

At the entry to A from B 从A到B入口处

On the intersection /junction/crossroad of A and B 在A和B的交叉路口

T-junction 丁字路口


Entrance 入口 ,entry入口, hall大厅 ,lobby门厅, access入口, exit出口 , emergency exit紧急出口 ,way out出口 ,back door后门 , side door 旁门, wicket door 旁门 , rear door 后门,gate

We r now situated in … 我们现在位于…

The room we r in at the moment is called… 我们现在所处的房间叫做


Go 走,turn转 ,move移动 ,jog慢走 , run跑 ,walk走 ,rush冲 get to到达, carry on继续走 , cross 穿过, miss错过 , reach到达


go east 往东, go west往西走 , go along沿着…走 ,turn left /right向左/右转 ,~ ahead向前 ,~ forward 前,~ onwards前 ~Forth 前~ up向上 , ~down向下 ~past经过

介词 :

Below 下, above上 , under下 ,over上 , through 纵向穿过, across横向穿过 , beyond上 , between两者之间 ,


Town城镇 ,city城市 , main hall 市政厅 ,shopping mall商场 , supermarket超市 , main square主广场 , coach station长途车站 , central railway station /train station中央火车站 , bank 银行, restaurant饭店 ,post office邮局 ,hospital 医院, health centre 健康中心, the dentist’s 牙科诊所 , tea house茶苑 , bar酒吧 , club俱乐部 ,gym体育场 ,coffee shop咖啡厅