段子经常被人们广为流传,说出来的话又很精辟,所以成了段子。那么今年有哪些受用的托福口语段子? 何为托福口语段子呢? 我们可以认为是经典的口语习题,大家可以做练习之用,课代表今天奉上三个托福口语段子,大家快一波带走吧~




Moving away from newspapers, let’s now focus on magazines. Now the first magazine was a little periodical called the Review and it was started in London in 1704. It looked a lot like the newspapers of the time, but in terms of its contents it was much different. Newspapers were concerned mainly with news events but the Review focused on important domestic issues of the day, as well as the policies of the government. Now, in England at the time, people could still be thrown in jail for publishing articles that were critical of the king. And that is what happened to Daniel Defoe. He was the outspoken founder of the review. Defoe actually wrote the first issue of the Review from prison. You see, he had been arrested because of his writings that criticized the policies of the Church of England, which was headed by the king. After his release, Defoe continued to produce the Review and the magazine started to appear on a more frequent schedule, about three times a week. It didn’t take long for other magazines to start popping up. In 1709, a magazine called the Tattler began publication. This new magazine contained a mixture of news, poetry, political analysis and philosophical essays.



-Hi, Lynn. I saw you at registration yesterday. I sailed right through, but you were standing in a long line.

-Yeah. I waited an hour to sign up for a distance-learning course.

-Distance learning? Never heard of it.

-Well, it’s new this semester. It’s only open to psychology majors. But I bet it’ll catch on else where. Yesterday, over a hundred students signed up.

-Well, what is it?

-It’s an experimental course. I registered for child psychology. All I have got to do is watch a twelve-week series of televised lessons. The department shows them seven different times a day and in seven different locations.

-Don’t you ever have to meet with professor?

-Yeah. After each part of the series I have to talk to her and the other students on the phone, you know, about our ideas. Then we’ll meet on campus three times for reviews and exams.

-It sounds pretty non-traditional to me. But I guess it makes sense, considering how many students have jobs. It must really help with their schedules, not to mention how it will cut down on traffic.

-You know, last year my department did a survey and they found out that 80 percent of all psychology majors were employed. That’s why they came up with the program.

-Look, I’ll be working three days a week next semester and it was either cut back on my classes or try this out.

-The only thing is: doesn’t it seem impersonal though? I mean, I miss having class discussions and hearing what other people think.

-Well, I guess that’s why phone contact’s important. Any way, it’s an experiment.

-Maybe I’ll end up hating it.

-Maybe. But I’ll be curious to see how it works up.



Welcome to Everglade’s National Park. The Everglade is a watery plain covered with saw grass that’s the home to numerous species of plants and wild life. And one and half million acre is too big to see it all today. But this tour will offer you a good sampling. Our tour bus will stop first at Tailor Slue. This is a good place to start because it’s home to many of the plants and animals typically associated with the everglade. You’ll see many exotic birds and of course a world famous alligators. Don’t worry. There’s a boardwalk that goes across the marsh, so you can look down at the animals in the water from a safe distance. The boardwalk is high enough to give you a great view of the saw grass prairie. From there we’ll head at some other marshy and even jungle-like areas that feature wonderful tropical plant life. For those of you who’d like a close view of the saw grass prairie, you might consider running a canoe sometime during your visit here. However, don’t do this unless you have a very good sense of direction and can negotiate your way through tall grass. We hate to have to come looking for you. You have a good fortune of being here in the winter, the best time of the year to visit. During the spring and summer the mosquitoes will just about to eat you alive. Right now, they are not so bothersome, but you’ll soon want to use an insect repellent.