IELTS写作: 7分必备句型

1. 宾语从句


常用句型:The graph indicates/shows/illustrates…


The graph illustrates changes in the amounts of beef, lamb, chicken and fish consumed in a particular European country between 1979 and 2004.


The chart shows that the percentage of British households with a range of consumer durables steadily increased between 1972 and 1983.


2. 形式主语从句


必备句型:It is interesting to note that / It is noticeable that


It is also interesting to note that almost all showed a decrease in 1994 in amount of goods transported except for the pipeline, which actually peaked in that year.


It is noticeable that for both types of household with children, a higher than average proportion were living in poverty at this time.


3. there be句型



There were no figures given for male part-time workers, but female part-time had forty hours of leisure time, only slightly more than women in full-time employment, perhaps reflecting their work in the home.


There is a sharp rise in the next hour to reach its maximum before collapsing again to a lower level by the end of the day.


4. 倒装句



In the west was a river running from north to south.



5. 被动句


【真题实例】(剑七-Test4-Task1 Pie charts)

The remaining 40 units were produced largely from oil and nuclear power, with hydro contributing only 5 units.

【真题实例】(剑七-Test2-Task1 line graphs)

Lamb and chicken were eaten in similar quantities (around 150 grams), while much less fish was consumed (just over 50 grams).


The first is to select cocoons, which then are heated in boiled water.


6. 非谓语




The consumption of chicken, in the other hand, showed an upward trend, overtaking that of lamb in 1980 and that of beef in 1989.


7. 定语从句



In March, 1993.United Stats had seven percent of their workforce which might not seen disastrous until compared with Japan, where 2.5% were unemployed.


Noticeably, the highest divorce rate was in 1980, when about 1.4 million divorces attracted the attention.


8. from…to…句型



The greatest increase was in telephone ownership, rising from 42% in 1972 to 77% in 1983.


9. 非谓语从句




But by 2000 nuclear power, which was not used at all in Australia, had developed into the main source, producing almost 75% of electricity, at 126 units.


Teachers’ pay remained the biggest cost, reaching 50% of total spending in 1991 and ending at 45% in 2001.


10. with表示伴随



The impact of this on Oceania and North America was minimal, with only 1.7% and 0.2% of land affected respectively.