大家周二好呀!gmat作文题目中有一种题型叫因果关系题。 A was the cause of B;possible causes for; because of …这类题型应该怎么展开思路呢?接下来看看课代表带来的GMAT内容:gmat作文训练题目因果关系题模板

GMAT写作 因果关系题模板:


To begin with, the author’s line of reasoning is that A was the cause of B. However, although A coincided with B, it does not establish a general causal relationship between A and B. For example, it is quite possible that . Thus, .(结论错误)


This article concludes that . Very likely and but not necessarily, other factors such as (其他因素) are ignored as possible causes for B. The argument can be sustained only if these and other possible factors can be completely ruled out as contributing to B.


The argument commits the fallacy of assuming that just because one event follows another, the second event has been caused by the first. The mere fact that A occurs before B does not necessarily establish a causal relationship between A and B.


To begin with, this argument is a classic instance of “after this, therefore because of this” reasoning. The mere fact that A preceded B is insufficient to conclude that A was the cause of B. Many other factors could bring about these same results. For example, (一个他因). In addition, (另一个他因).



Second, the author assumes that B was caused by A. However, no evidence has been given to substantiate this assumption. It is also possible that other factors might contribute to the B. For instance, . So, the author’s failure to consider and rule out other possible factors that might influence the result renders this argument suspects.


To begin with, the argument depends on the assumption that . however, the author provides no evidence that this is the case. It is possible that .


if it works for A, it will work for B.

In the first place, the argument depends upon a misleading comparison between A and B. A .(A的情况) On the other hand, B .(B的情况)


These two businesses are too dissimilar for meaningful comparison.

The author assumes that what is true of A will likewise be true of B. But there are all kinds of important differences between A and B. We cannot safely assume that .

时间上的前后 两年前,两年后

时间的跨度 一个星期够不够长


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