GRE填空 同义指代 his

(iii) 题型:同义指代 his

4. No other contemporary poet’s work has such a well-earned reputation for (i) ______ , and there are few whose moral vision is so imperiously unsparing. Of late, however, the almost belligerent demands of his severe and densely forbidding poetry have taken an improbable turn. This new collection is the poet’s fourth book in six years — an ample output even for poets of sunny disposition, let alone for one of such (ii) ______ over the previous 50 years. Yet for all his newfound (iii) ______ , his poetry is as thorny as ever.



2,根据句意,“This new collection is … an ample output even for poets of sunny disposition, let alone…”可知,人们原来没想到这哥们如此“ample output”, 也就是“高产”或“特别能表达”。

3,所以,空格(iii)选 H, volubility(健谈,口若悬河)。G, taciturnity(沉默寡言)与”ample output”相反;I, pellucidity(思路清晰)与“ample output”无关。所以, 均被排除。

5. Managers who think that strong environmental performance will (i)______ their company’s financial performance often (ii) ______ claims that systems designed to help them manage environmental concerns are valuable tools. By contrast, managers who perceive environmental performance to be (iii) ______ to financial success may view an environmental management system as extraneous. In either situation, and whatever their perceptions, it is a manager’s commitment to achieving environmental improvement rather than the mere presence of a system that determines environmental performance.