大家周四好呀!在备考托福口语的时候,应该掌握哪些句子呢? 今天课代表为广大托福考生整理的是托福口语句子积累关于被动句,最后希望同学们都能战胜托福中的重重难关,冲向终点,更多精彩内容尽在智课哦,智课预祝考生取得理想成绩!


1. I got plucked. 我未被录取。

2. He got dismissed. 他被开除了。

3. You are bound to be received warmly. 你定会受到热情接待。

4. I preferred to be assigned something more difficult to do. 我宁愿被分配(得到)些更困难的工作做。

5. He was often spoken about. 他常被人们谈到。

6. It is considered a shame to cheat in examination. 考试舞弊是可耻的。

7. It was found difficult for us to understand him. 我们发现要了解他是很难的。

8. It was proved wrong to say things like that. 已经证明那种讲法是不对的。

9. It is requested that you kindly take immediate action in the matter. 对于此事,请速做处理。

10. It hasn’t been made clear when the new road is open to traffic. 新路什么时候通车还没有宣布。

11. Has it been decided where we are to hold the conference? 会议在那里开,决定了吗?

12. I was warned not to be late. 我被告之不要迟到。

13. I am supposed to know something about science. 有人建议我了解一些科学方面的东西。

14. The books are not allowed to be taken out of the room. 这些书不准携出室外。