IELTS口语: 名人话题


名人话题是雅思口语里的常客,你能想到的名人种类全都考过,什么musician啦,actor啦,business leader啦,you name it. 所以,当你看到了一个‘popular person you know’话题的时候,一定很兴奋。来,快把你的偶像请出来!这里以澳大利亚歌手Sia为例,分享一位musician的素材,大家把Sia和专辑单曲的名字换掉,就可以变成你自己家的idol了。

I’d like to talk about Sia who’s an Australian singer and songwriter. She’s already 43 years old, but she doesn’t look her age at all. Sia is actually her stage name, her full name is really long and hard to pronounce, so I don’t remember exactly. Anyway, she specializes in slow electronic music, pop and jazz. In 2010, she released her fifth studio album We Are Born which includes some of the songs in her tour during 2009 to 2010. And at the ARIA Music Awards that year, her album won two awards – Best Independent Release and Best Pop Release.

My favorite song is I’m in Here, which has been used as the background music in various TV series like Gossip Girls, The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Nikita.

What I like most about her is her unique singing voice, and her songs always become a hit overnight. For example, she released a single called Alive in 2015, and it soon got on the top 10 songs on the iTunes Store.

I heard Alive was originally intended as a gift for Adele. However, the style and theme of Adele’s new album 25 and Alive don’t match, so Adele didn’t include the song on her album.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to her new songs.



look your age = to seem as old as you really are and not younger or older例如:

例1:She doesn’t look her age; I thought she was ten years younger.

stage name = a name that an actor uses instead of his or her real name

specialize in = to become an expert in a particular area of work, study or business; to spend more time on one area of work, etc. than on others

例1:He specialized in criminal law.

例2:The shop specializes in hand-made chocolates.

hit = a successful pop song or record

例1:They are about to release an album of their greatest hits.She played all her old hits.

例2:a hit record/ single