TOEFL口语 话题:禁用手机

Describe what your life would be like if you were banned from using your cell phone for a month. 描述一下,如果你被禁止使用手机一个月,你的生活会是怎样的?   Cell phones have insinuated their way into our lives and are now integral.   In daily life, cell phones are superb scheduling and communication devices. Without them, we would be total wrecks. Apps like calendars, notes and alarms are respons­ible for re­mind­ing people of im­port­ant dates and events, or wak­ing them up in the morn­ing. FaceTime, email, and other social networking apps help us to stay connected with family and friends.   However, living without cell phones can also have some benefits. Phones overschedule and over regiment our lives, which robs us of opportunities. This near-universal access to cell phones, starting at ever younger ages, transfixes people in ways that can have negative effects on almost all aspects of life. Without them, we don’t feel compelled to check our phones every minute. We can once again simply live in and enjoy the moment.   生活影射了他们的方式进入我们的生活,现在的积分。在日常生活中,手机是极好的提醒和通信设备。没有它们,日常生活将是一场彻底的毁灭。应用像日历、笔记和报警响应­重新­心­人民IM­港口­蚂蚁日期和事件可能的,或弱­ING他们在早晨­ING。FaceTime,电子邮件,和其他社交应用程序,方便我们与家人和朋友保持联系。然而,生活中没有手机也有一些好处。手机时间表排的太满,团我们的生活,剥夺了我们的机会。这种近乎普及的手机,开始在曾经年轻的年龄,是贯穿的方式,可以在几乎所有的方面,人的想象能力的负面影响,现代社会。没有他们,我们不必被迫每天检查我们的手机。我们可以再一次简单地活在当下,享受当下。   Notes: 1. Outline 人们非常依赖手机,但手机既有好处又有坏处 R1: life would be a complete mess 没有手机的生活会一团乱 R2: interfere with our normal life 手机影响我们正常生活   2. Vocabulary insinuated 使逐渐而巧妙地取得;使迂回地潜入 integral 完整的 total wrecks 这里指一团乱 废物一般 相当于 totally disrupted overschedule 过度计划 regiment 严格地管制 transfixes 钉住 使麻木 compelled 迫使的