IELTS口语 5-8月机经题库 【Snacks】

1.What is your favorite snack?

My favorite snack would have to be baozi. I think in English you would call them steamed buns or dumplings. They’re delicious and best of all, they’re cheap! They are served all over the place so you can pick a bag up on-the-go and you can get all sorts of different fillings. My personal favorite is pork with white cabbage.

2.What kind of snack is popular in your country?

China has a wide range of snacks, some savory and some sweet. I think they are very specific to our country and sometimes to the local region you are in. In Beijing the pastries from Daoxiangcun are very popular. They are eaten by locals, but are also bought as souvenirs by visitors.

3.When do you usually have snacks?

I tend to eat 3 main meals a day, but I also like to graze on snacks in between meals. I’ve gotten into the habit of having elevenses, which I picked up from a foreigner I used to work with. It usually involves a cup of tea or coffee, with a cake or some biscuits at around eleven AM.

4.What are the benefits of having a snack?

I find that snacks perform different roles depending on when I have them. A mid-morning snack is an excuse for a little break and can be a bit of a pick me up if I’m feeling sleepy. A snack in the afternoon keeps my hunger at bay and helps tide me over till dinner.

5.Who prefer snacks, men or women/ the young or the old?

I think women wouldn’t like to admit it, but they probably snack more than men. It isn’t necessarily always snacks that are bad for you, I think they also eat more fruit between meals. As for the young or old, I think young people must snack more, partly because there are more snacks aimed at young people, but also because I think young people eat more than old people in general.