大家周二好!我们今天要来给大家说写作了! 雅思写作备考中考生要注意积累相关素材资料,下面课代表为大家分享雅思作文 education素材及范文,大家可以在平时练习中多使用其中句型,能做到为我所用才是目的。

IELTS写作  Education素材及范文


Some people believe the purpose of education is to prepare people to be useful members for society. Others say that the purpose of education is to achieve personal ambitions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



For many years, people all over the world have been arguing about the purpose of education. Some contend that education is mainly meant to prepare people to become useful members for the society, while others believe that people receive education in order to realize their individual dreams. My opinion is that these two views are more compatible than conflicting.

Ours is a highly complex society which, in order to function, needs people with diverse expertise, and education is certainly the best way for the society to get these people. For instance, engineering schools help train people who know how to operate machines in manufacturing factories and graduates from foreign languages universities can serve as a bridge between two nations who would otherwise be unable to communicate with each other. It is indeed impossible to imagine what our society would be like without education.

For individuals, however, education is important for them to achieve their personal ambition. That is actually what people pay their education for. A man who dreams of becoming an astronaut must receive strict training in an aviation school and he who wishes to become a banker ought to be equipped with knowledge about banking by studying at a financial university. It is, therefore, reasonable to conclude that one of the primary purposes of education is to make people into what they aspire to.

In my view, the social function and individual function of education are actually the same and one thing. When education has fulfilled its function of making individual’s personal dreams come true, its function of creating useful members for the society is fulfilled as well.(270words)