TOEFL口语 第五题万能模板

1. Intro:

Question5 Campus Situation Topic: Problem/Solution

The listening passage (60-90 sec; 180-220 words) is a conversation about a student-related problem and two possible solutions.

The question asks the test taker to demonstrate understanding of the problem and to express an opinion about solving the problem.

o Preparation time: 20 sec

o Response time: 60 sec



1、时间冲突: Time Conflict

a. Problem of a time conflict between a and b


Work (part-time job) vs. Study (for a… test/exam)

Play (visit/tour) vs. Study (for a… test/exam)

b. Preference: ____=a balanced solution (既a又b)

c. Reason:

I think the man/woman should____(preference) because finding a balanced solution is the best way for him/her to do (a) and in the meantime/at the same time, do (b). In the process, the man/woman can acquire an ability of doing time management, which does good to his/her future since only being efficient can he/she become more competitive when he/she is hunting for a job in the future.

Back-up: comparative advantage/ make a well-organized plan/ make a tight schedule)


2、左右为难: Dilemma Choice

a. Problem of a dilemma choice (of____) between a and b


(1) internship/job: 两个行业

(2)play (academic trip) vs. play (tour, visit=family-beach)

b. Preference:

(1) ____=what makes him/her happy or what he/she is really interested in.

(2) ____=academic trip

c. Reasons:

(1)because doing things that make him/her really interested in will offer him/her greatest passion. So the man/woman will devote/dedicate more time to it to make more contributions. Only in that way, can he/she have the greatest personal satisfaction. (According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)

(2)because it is good to be on his/her study record with the practical research experience. Gathering an experience like this is also helpful to his/her future when he/she is looking for a job. For the reunion with his/her family, there are more chances in the next time. So he/she should grasp/seize this great opportunity.