GMAT数学 考试tricks


1. Measured to the nearest centimeter (四舍五入到厘米 )2. the least possible value (最小值)

3. Is equidistant from (到……距离相等)

4. What’s the units digit of (个位是)

5. A is divisible by B (A 可以被B 整除)

6. The least common multiple (最小公倍数)

7. Only when (只有……的时候)

8. whenever (无论……情况)

9. Consecutive integers (连续数)

10. In the repeating pattern (以……的方式重复)

11. A is the multiple of B( A 是B 的倍数)

12. A is subtracted from B (B 减去A)

13. A is divided by B, the remainder is C (A 除以B,余C)

14. The decimal point (小数点)

15. the first nonzero digit to the right of the decimal point ( 小数点右侧第一位非零数位)

16. By approximately what percent did the radio of royalties to sales decrease from the first …to … (注意问的是percent 比的是radio 也就是radio 的变化的百分比所以最后还要除以一个数)

17. A discount of 20 percent 打8 折; an additional 25 percent were deducted from … (再减去25%的费用,相当于再打一个75 折)

18. In fourths (四等分)

19. X percent more A than B A=(1+x%)B than (后面的做的是单位一)

20. Terminating decimal (有限小数)

21. 500 is the multiple of 100 that is closest to X 100 (的倍数当中最接近X 的是100)

22. Not either … or … (全部否定)both … and … (全部肯定)   注意条件二当中多了一个who 定语从句使得50%修饰的成分发生变化

23. Randomly selected from (随机选择)

24. Each team plays each of the other teams exactly once (每一队只与其他队打一次比赛,问组合的常用句式)

25. A certain characteristic in a large population has a distribution that is symmetric about the mean m (数据分布关于平均数m 成对称分布注意联系正态分布图)

26. An arithmetic sequence is a sequence in which each term after the first is equal to the sumof the preceding term and a constant (给出等差数列的定义如果以后看到arithmetic sequence的字眼可以直接用等差数列的公式)

27. Be defined by (被定义为函数常用句式)

28. Be directly proportional to (成正比)

29. The rectangular coordinate system (平面直角坐标系)

30. the perpendicular bisector (垂直平分线)

31. Compounded semiannually (半年复利计息)

32. The sum of the reciprocals of x and y (x 的倒数和y 的倒数的和)

33. 12 more (再拥有12 个)