TOEFL写作 范文赏析






Sample Answer

The passage manly discusses the functions of the toucan bird’s bill. However, the lecturer casts doubt on the writer’s view from the 3 reason below.

Firstly, in the reading passage, the bill could serve as weapon to jam predators. On the contrary, the professor says that despite the weapon-like appearance, the bill is too fragile to protect the bird. Moreover, the heavy weight of the bull makes the fly of the bird become awkward, which results in failing prey to the predators. This is where the speaker disagrees with the writer.

Secondly, the professor opposes reading’s idea that the color and shape of the bill can confuse the potential predators. He states that this kind of birds tends to warble all the time and it does not want to confuse the potential predators at all. This directly contradicts what the passage indicates.


Finally, the professor disapproves the reading’s idea that the bill is so huge that is can help dissipate the body heat. On the other hand, the feather could serve to keep the body temperature. The professor points out that for other species of birds without bills, they control their body temperature as well. Moreover, during the nighttime when the temperature drops, what toucan birds could do to keep warm? This is entirely opposed to the writer’s expectation.