IELTS口语 5-8月机经题库 【talentshow】



雅思口语相关话题:A speech or talk
如果雅思口语里说各种talent show你嫌俗气,那么就来参加个大胃王比赛吧,绝对清新脱俗。比赛的好处嘛… 嗯,虽然满脑袋蹦出来的都是伤害身体的情节,不过使劲儿想,还是有很酷的一面的,比如周游世界各种比赛各种吃,对于foodie来讲,应该是天堂了吧…… 如果顺便破个世界纪录,拿个奖什么的,岂不更帅了:

I’ve always wanted to sign up for the speed eating contest, you know, where contestants clash to eat as much as possible in a short period of time.

I first heard about this competition on TV, it was held in Japan, and a bunch of pretty girls were sitting at a table, pigging out on noodles. At first, the sight of it just made me full, you know, I was like, ‘That’s disguising. Why would someone eat like that?’ However, later, when I think about it, it could be pretty fun. I mean, I get to eat all those food for free, like donuts, apple pies, cup cakes, hamburgers, pizza, seafood and things like that. And best part is, I can fly around the world to all those interesting places to enter the competition, I heard this activity is super popular in America, it’s more like a tradition there. Plus, I think it’s pretty cool if I can set a new world record, although I know it’s highly unlikely. Another thing I like about this competition is that, I might meet quite a few interesting people. You know, some girls who take part in this kind of competition have super big stomach, but they barely put on any weight no matter how much they eat. I really want to meet them and find out their secrets.