周一啦!大家好呀!这个周末大家过得好吗?有没有准备好新一周的学习呢?今天我们继续来给大家分享SAT词汇 重点词汇串讲,快跟着课代表一起来学习吧。

SAT词汇 重点词汇串讲


1.begin: conclude 开始:结束

Conclusive: initiative 最后的:一开始的


Given the__ state of the published evidence, we did not argue here that exposure to low-level microwave energy is either hazardous or safe.


A. inconclusive

B. satisfactory

C. definitive

D. immaculate

E. exemplary

2.beleaguer: delight /mollify/sooth使烦恼:使愉悦

Her promotional tour was____ by missteps, but the increasing appreciation for her works suggests that effects of these blunders were___.


A. strengthened—destructive

B. avoided—ancillary

C. surrounded—perceptive

D. beleaguered—negligible

E. besmirched—unquestionable

3. belie:represent 掩饰:呈现

注意!belie的这个意思:to prove to be false=disprove

What most__ the magazine’s critics is the manner in which its editorial opinions are expressed—too often as if only an idiot could see things any other way.


A. belies

B. impedes

C. riles

D. placates

E. identifies

4.benignant: vicious 仁慈的:恶的

The depiction of the__ wolf is largely a misconception; wolves are__ creatures that prefer to run in packs.


A. howling, noisy

B. maternal, shy

C. lone, social

D. vicious, dangerous

E. hungry, famished

in packs成群,school鱼群,crowd人群,flock羊群,herd牛群,fauna动物群,


flora植物群,poultry 家禽,gaggle 鹅群


5.berate: commend /praise严厉指责: 称赞

6.blight: cause to be energetic 使枯萎:使有活力

blighted: hale/robust/sound/unblemished 枯萎的,毁灭的:强壮的,健壮的

7.blunt: whet 使变钝:使磨快,使兴奋

8.boor: civil person粗鲁的人:有教养的人

9.boundary: unrestrained 边界:无限制的

10.brevity: lengthiness/expansion 简短:冗长/延长

The author___ the last act of her play to appease those critics who__ the work for its brevity.

A. eliminated, extolled

B. condensed, censured

C. expanded, disparaged

D. intensified, glorified

E. rearranged, endorsed


11. brilliance: dullness 光辉:迟钝

bereave :bestow 剥夺:给予

If people continually suppress their impulse to complain, whether the vexation is ——- or grave, they will appear to be automatons, ——- feeling.

A. fluid . . defined by

B. severe . . bereft of

C. deserving . . incapable of

D. frivolous . . consumed by

E.  trivial . . devoid of

12.bristle: cower 发怒:畏缩

13.bungle: bring off 失败:大成功

14.buoyant: sink 有浮力的:下沉

15.burgeoning: waning 迅速生长的:慢慢衰减的

16.byzantine: straightforward诡计多端的:直接的

Some interactive computer games are so elaborately contrived and require such___ strategies that only the most___ player can master them.

A. Byzantine, adroit

B. nefarious, conscientious

C. devious, lackadaisical

D. onerous, slipshod

E. predictable, compulsive

17.cacophony: euphonious 嘈杂的:悦耳的

18.calcify: make malleable 使钙化:使有延展性

Given the___ nature of wood, the oldest totem poles of the Northwest Coast Indians eventually fell to decay; only a few still stand today.


B. combustible

C. malleable

D. perishable

E. solid

malleable:capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out容易改变的

19.callous: sympathetic/ mature 无情冷淡的:有同情心的

callous:not caring that other people are suffering

We were shocked at the callous disregard for human life.


20.calumniate: vindicate 中伤,诽谤:维护,辩护

calumnious: flattering中伤的:谄媚的

calumny: approbation诽谤:嘉许

(来自于词根cal,cal这个词根一是表示石头,因为古时候古人用石头来计数,所以cal这个词根还表示计算,计算:calculate, calendar, calculus 石头:calcify,calcium, callous


The prosecutor was so frustrated by his lack of credible or convincing evidence that when describing the defendant during the trial he shamefully resorted to__.

A. arbitration

B. narcissism

C. calumny

D. tenacity

E. solicitude


21.capitulate: oppose屈服:抗争

22.capricious/whimsical <> constant/ deliberate/ pertinacious/ resolute/ steadfast

反复无常的 <> 坚定的/深思熟虑的



(1)likely to change your mind suddenly or behave in an unexpected way,指可能会突然改变思想或者以一种你没有预料倒的方式来行动。

She was as capricious as her mother has been.

(2)changing quickly and suddenly,文学用语,指快速且突然改变,如 a capricious wind

Because he is so__, we can never predict what course he will take at an moment.

A. incoherent

B. superficial

C. capricious

D. deleterious

E. conventional


During the opera’s most famous aria the tempo chosen by the orchestra’s conductor seemed ______, without necessary relation to what had gone before.

A. tedious

B. melodious

C. capricious

D. compelling

E. cautions


A story’s theme is sometimes___, that is, stated directly by the author, but more often it is ___.

A. obvious . . indisputable

B. capricious . . dramatic

C. convoluted . . simple

D.  enigmatic . . veiled

E. explicit . . implied

注意!这道题很多同学会错选B,但你要选B的话,显然没有合适的情景,而且capricious的反义词基本上是constant/ pertinacious/ resolute/ steadfast(坚定的)、deliberate深思熟虑的,而没有dramatic这个义项,对dramatic的解释见第二讲内容。


The new reflecting pool was__, dazzling onlookers with its___ in the bright sunlight.

A. unassuming, audaciousness

B. capricious, innocuousness

C. tawdry, precociousness

D. vivacious, insipidness

E. resplendent, incandescence



23.captivate: repulse迷住,迷惑:击退,厌恶

24.cardinal: minor/peripheral主要的:次要的