TOEFL口语 话题:礼物


The most suitable gift

Some people prefer to give practical gifts while others prefer to give entertaining gifts. Which do you prefer to give and why? Please use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.







Personally speaking, I prefer giving practical gifts because whenever the gift receiver uses the gift,they will think of me, which makes me happy. For example,I once gave a rice cooker to my best friend Jenny for her birthday because she used to cook at home every day. I thought a rice cooker would be really useful for her. Other friends gave her entertaining gifts such as funny posters or decorative items. A few years later Jenny told me that the rice cooker I gave her was the best gift ever and she used it every day. It also reminded her of our friendship every time when she used it. Thus I prefer giving practical gifts.



1. practical:adj. 实际的;实用性的

In Asia, our new relationship with mainland China can have practical benefits for both sides.


2. receiver:n. 接受者;

Power will move from the mat to a receiver built into the bottom of the car.


3. cooker:n. 炊具;

Ms Bridgewater said she had always had her boiler serviced but never her cooker or fire.


4. entertaining:adj. 令人愉快的

To generate new money the sport needs to be more entertaining.


5. decorative:adj. 装饰性的;

The curtains are for purely decorative purposes and do not open or close.


6. remind:vt. 提醒;使想起

So she simply welcomed Tim and reminded him of the last time they had met.