雅思口语相关话题:A speech or talk

A speech or talk you have listened to

Describe a speech/talk you attended.You should say What it was about. Where it was held.Who the speaker was.And explain why you attended it.


Last Sunday, one of my friends invited me to attend a gathering held in a church located in the downtown area of Hefei. The theme of the gathering was about family education and as one of the lecturers, my friend gave an amazing speech on parenting. Actually, as a college student, I take no interest in the topic, but the speech attracted me so much and I paid great attention to the speech. Though the speech was about education kids in a family, I understood a lot about being a parent. The hard work of being a qualified parent. From these, I began to understand my parents’ care about me and their deep love for me. Sitting in the church and listening to the speech, I suddenly realized everything my parent had done for me in so many years. I thought I would do better not let them down.