​GMAT逻辑 假设题思路汇总


1.While Jackie Robinson was a Brooklyn Dodger, his courage in the face of physical threats and verbal attacks was not unlike that of Rosa Parks, who refused to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

#当Jackie Robinson 是一个Brooklyn Dodger时,他的勇气面对身体上的威胁和语言上的攻击,并不像Rosa Parks的那样,Rosa Parks拒绝移动到一辆汽车的后面在Montgomery, Alabama。


2.A recent study has found that within the past few years, many doctors have elected to retire early rather than face the threats of lawsuits and the rising costs of malpractice insurance.

# 一个最近的研究发现,在过去的几年里,很多医生选择早点退休,而不是面临威胁/被起诉的和越来越多的费用/用于不当处置的保险的。


3.In June of 1989, Princeton Township approved a developer’s plans to build 300 houses on a large portion of the 210-acre site of the Battle of Princeton, one of only eight Revolutionary War battlefields that had remained undeveloped.

# 在1989年六月,Princeton小镇批准一个开发者的计划,建造300间房子在一大部分/210英亩的Princeton战役的地方的,其中一个/仅有的八个革命战争战场中的/曾经保持没有被开发的。


4.Problems in the management of water and other resources will be at the head of the legislature’s list of concerns for the coming 基session.



5.Stable interest rates on long-term bonds are the financial market’s vote of confidence that the Federal Reserve will keep inflation under control.

# 稳定的利率/长期债券的/是金融市场的表现/信心的/联邦储备局将控制通货膨胀。


6.Rather than continue to produce most of the items necessary for subsistence, a growing number of farm families during the first decades of the nineteenth century began to specialize in the production of grain or cotton and to use the cash proceeds from the sale of their crops to buy necessities.

# 不是继续生产大多数物品/生活必需的,一个增加的数量农民家庭的在前几十年/十九世纪的/开始专业化在生产谷物或棉花方面和使用现金/收入他们卖谷物的/去买生活必需品。


7.Some analysts point out that because people are becoming accustomed to a steady inflation rate of four to five percent, businesses are finding that they can raise prices by this amount without provoking strong public reaction.

# 一些分析家指出/因为人们习惯于一个稳定的通货膨胀率/百分之四到五的,商业(人士)发现/他们能增加价钱/这么多数量的而不引起强烈的反应。


8.Although it was once funded entirely by the government, the Victoria and Albert Museum was among the first of Britain’s national museums to seek support from corporations and private donors and to increase income by increasing attendance.

# 尽管曾经全部由政府出资,维多利亚和阿尔贝特博物馆是其中的一个/英国国家博物馆中/去寻找支持/从公司和私人出资者那里/并且增加收入通过增加参观人数。


9.Under the restructuring, the huge organization that operates the company’s basic businesses will be divided into five groups, each with its own executive.

# 在重组过程中,这个巨大的组织/管理这个公司的基本业务/将被分割成五组,每一个组有他自己的领导者。


10.Temporary-employment agencies benefit not only from the increasing demand for clerical workers but also from the higher profits made in placing highly paid professionals, requests for whom have increased in the recent wave of corporate takeovers.

# 临时雇佣代理处/不仅受益于增加的需求/对于办公室职员的,同时也受益于/更高的利润/制造出来的/在安置高收入的专家们,需求对于他们的/已经增加了/在最近的风波/公司交接过程中的。