IELTS听力 高频词集合



The first chart below gives information about the money spent by British parents on their children’s sports between 2008 and 2014. The second chart shows the number of children who participated in three sports in Britain over the same time period.Write at least 150 Words.



Deposit [dɪ’pɒzɪt]

释义 •v. to lay or to put sth. down 放下;to put (money) into a bank, esp. to earn interest, etc. 存放;to give (sth. valuable or important) to sb. to be kept in a safe place 交与……保管;to pay (sth.)as part of a larger sum, the rest of which is to be paid later 付订金 n. alayer of matter (often deep in the earth) that has accumulated naturally矿床,矿藏;a layer of matter laid down by a liquid, river, etc. 沉淀物;a sum paid into an account, e.g. at a bank 储蓄,存款;the payment of a part of a larger sum, the rest of which is to be paid later 订金,押金,保证金

词根 •de( 在下方)+posit( 放置) →放在下面→沉淀

派生 •deposition n. 沉淀物,沉积;作证;免职,废黜

搭配 •deposit sth. with sb. 把某物寄放在某人处

例句 •We require you to raise sponsorship money of at least 3,200,paying250 of it up front as a deposit and the rest in stages throughout the year. (IELTS7,T3,L2)我们要求你筹集至少3200美元的资助款,其中250美元预先支付,剩下的一年内分期支付。



释义 •v. to record your/sb’s/sth’s name on an official list记录;登记,注册;显出;注意到,记住 n. an official list or record of names, items, attendances, etc. 登记(表), 注册(簿);记录器;暖气,调风器

词根 •re(back)+gister(带来)→再次带来→(学生)登记

派生 •registrar n. 记录者;登记员;注册主任;高等法院注册官 registration4 n. 注册 registered adj. 登记过的

例句 •I’d like to register for the full three days. (IELTS6,T4,L1)我想注册三天的全部活动。


Gallery [ˈgælərɪ]

释义 n. a building in which to keep one or more cars, vans, etc. 车库,飞机库;(service station) a roadside petrol station where vehicles can be serviced and repaired 汽车维修站,加油站 v. to put (a motor vehicle) in a garage 把……送入车库

例句 Those rooms constructed at the front of the houses should be garages. (IELTS3,T4,L4) 建在房子前面的那些屋子应该是车库。


Reserve [rɪ’zɜːv]

释义 •v. to put aside or keep sth. for a later occasion or special use

储备某物;to have or keep (a specified power); retain 具有或保持( 某种权利); to order or set aside (seats, accommodation, etc.) for use by a particular person at a future time; book 预订或保留( 座位、住处等);订购 n. the thing put aside or kept for later use; extra amount available when

needed 贮藏,储备;an area of land reserved esp. as a habitat for nature conservation 保护区;the tendency to avoid showing one’s feelings and appear unsociable to other people; restraint 矜持,拘谨;寡言

词根 •re(back)+serve( 保持) →保留

搭配 •reserve…for 替……保留

without reserve 毫无保留地 in reserve 储存备用

派生 •reservation n. 保留的座位[ 住处] 等;预订;保留意见,

保留态度reserved adj. 说话不多的;不苟言笑的;矜持的,含蓄的

例句 We will go now and have a look at the nature reserve section of the park, which has opened up natural wetland to the public.(IELTS7,T4,L2) 我们现在就出发,去参观公园的自然保护区,该保护区向公众开放自然湿地。


Sculpture [‘skʌlptʃə]

释义 •n. the art of making figures, objects, etc. by carving wood or stone, shaping clay, making metal casts, etc. 雕刻,雕塑;a work or works made in this way 雕刻品 v. to represent (sb./sth.) in sculpture; to make (a sculpture) 雕刻,雕塑


派生 sculptor n. 雕塑家,雕刻师

例句 It has some really fascinating paintings and sculptures by leading artists from all over the world. (IELTS8,T3,L2) 它有引人入胜的绘画和雕塑,这些作品来自全世界的顶级艺术家。





释义 •n. a long essay on a particular subject, esp. one written for a doctorate or similar degree; thesis 专题论文,学位论文

例句 •Hello, Sandy! How have you been getting on with your dissertation? (IELTS6,T2,L3) 喂,Sandy! 你的学位论文写得怎样了?





释义 •n. a name shared by all the members of a family 姓(在英语中一般位于最后)

词根 •sur(在……上)+name(名字)→在名字上面→姓

例句 •It’s ANNE and her surname is spelt R-E-A. (IELTS3,T3,L3)是Anne,她的姓的拼写是R-E-A。



释义 •n. a place where people agree to meet, esp. for a sports contest or match (聚集、审判、比赛)地点

词根 •ven(来)+ue→大家一起来→(聚集的)地点

例句 With only six performers it’s a small production, which suits the venue well. (IELTS4,T3,L2) 它是只有6位演员的小型作品,用这个会场正合适。





释义 •n. the person who answers the questions in an interview 被采访人;面试者

词根 •interview+ee(被……的人)→被采访人

派生 •interview n. 面试 interviewer n. 采访人,面试官

例句 •The other requirement is the number of interviewees.

(IELTS6,T3,L3) 另外一个要求就是面试者的数量。




释义 •n. a group of people playing esp. wind instruments 乐队;a thin flat strip, hoop or loop used for fastening things together or for placing round an object to strengthen it 带子;a range of wavelengths within specified limits 波段 v. to put a band on or around (sth.) 用带绑扎

例句 •At one time the Asiatic lion was living as far west as Greece and they were found from there, in a band that spread east through various countries of the Middle East, all the way to India.

(IELTS6,T4,L4) 曾经,亚洲狮居住在西部远至希腊一带。人们在那里发现它们成群结队地向东延伸,跨越中东各国,一直到印度。



释义 •n. any of various types of drawer, shelf, holder, cover, box, etc, usu. with a wire or metal rod for keeping loose papers together and in order, for reference purposes 文件架,卷宗;纵列 v. to place sth. in a file; store sth. where it can be consulted 存档,归档

例句 I realise most of you know how to organise files but we can show you the different ways to run data programmes. (IELTS5,T4,L4)我知道你们中的大多数人懂得怎样组织文档,但是我们可以向你们展示运行数据程序的不同方式。



释义 n. (pl. shelves) a flat rectangular piece of wood, metal,glass or other material fastened horizontally to a wall or in a cupboard, bookcase, etc. for things to be placed on 搁板;a thing resembling a shelf, esp. a piece of rock projecting from a cliff, etc. or from the edge of a mass of land under the sea架子;天然形成的架状物, (尤指海底的)暗礁、大陆架

例句 •The articles do not need to be returned to the shelves. (IELTS5,T4,L4)这些文章不必放回到书架上。