A time when you changed your plan/ mind


Describe a time you changed your plan.

You should say:

what the plan was;

why you changed it;

what you did instead;

and explain how you felt about changing the plan.


Do old people often change plans?

Do young people like to change plans?

What are the common reasons when people need to change plans?

How would you tell your friends when you must change your plan?

What kinds of plans are practical?


When I was a pimply teen in middle school, I had to change my plans at the last-minute and revert to Plan B. The master plan involved a visit to the aquarium, where we planned to see the sights and sounds of this magical place. We were so excited and looked forward to an afternoon of browsing the beautiful marine life on offer. The plan was to head downtown and buy the tickets.

I love aquariums because I get lost in the ambience and beauty of the fish tanks. The lights and the colors are magnificent and the sharks make my heart skip a beat. I can lose myself in this environment because I love animals and I gm fascinated by ocean creatures.

On this May Day, things didn’t go according to plan. In fact, when we got to the ticket office there was a queue a mile long! There were people as far as the eye could see. Everybody wanted to go to the aquarium on that day and we didn’t have the patience to wait that long. So, we headed off to the mall feeling disappointed and went straight to clothes shops.

When I think back on our situation, I’m quietly relieved that we still found a way to achieve a positive situation. In the end we saved a few bucks and still had the chance to hang out and chat.



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